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Enhance your office productivity and morale by improving your work area.  Your office is your image.  The Art of Cleaning is a professional cleaning company, which can decrease your current cleaning and maintenance expenses while improving your cleaning service.  We have been providing cleaning and janitorial services to very satisified customers in the Chicagoland area since 1988.

Our mission is simple.  We want to save you money and improve the appearance of your office or building by improving your cleaning service.  We are very aggressive in providing superb customer service and making you happy.

CARPETS -No other item in your office is exposed to as much wear and tear as your carpet. We have over 14 years of experience in carpet cleaning let us advise you on how to properly maintain your carpets before its too late. We specialize in commericial carpet care:both small office carpeting and large retail/industrial carpeting.


FREE TRIAL OFFER - If you are looking for daily or weekly general office cleaning we offer a free trial period for a week.  Try us for free, no obligations, no hassles.  That's how confident we are with our service.  If you decide to continue service with us we will provide you with a months supply of complimentary gourmet coffee to get you going in the morning.



CUSTOMER SERVICE - Every time you call us you will deal directly with the owners who closely supervise each cleaning crew.  Each month we will keep you informed about the maintenance of your office and inquire about any new needs or concerns you may have.

SYK Prosesional Cleaners

We are proud member of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London.

SIZE - We are a medium sized company.  This means that we are large enough to handle all of your office needs, yet small enough to provide you with the personal attention and customer service that you deserve.

EXPERIENCE - We have been in the cleaning business since 1988 and we continue to grow.  We are able to provide you with a long list of very satisfied references.  Hire a cleaning company you can trust.

End of tenancy cleaning: Garage Edition

It is your car’s home and also the home of so many other things, isn’t it? Every little belonging you so rarely use, but are too sentimental for is there. That bike you ride from time to time, the ski you are using during the winter holiday only, all your books from college, the old TV, the old computer, the old washing machine, they are all there. So when you enter, you can notice a mess, a chaotic combination of all these things, or a little bit more organized one, too rarely indeed. Because, who for God sake, declutters the place used for storing clutter. However, everything is completely OK, until a pretty unpleasant situation occurs – the end of the rent agreement and the upcoming move out. This entire procedure was perhaps once easy and nice, nothing special and nothing that hard, but in the era when you have to perform a deep and efficient end of tenancy cleaning that will return the whole accommodation in the same condition it was, in the era when this clean-up is followed by an inspection and this inspection determines whether you will get the money from your security deposit back or not, you are stressed and panicked and you are going mad indeed. However, if you are leaving the house, you will have to take care even of the garage. So roll up your sleeves and keep reading, because otherwise the move out cleaning would be more time-consuming, more irritating and more tense. Too many more-s you better save yourself.

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